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At NaturalStart we realize that pregnancy, birth and baby’s first year is an incredibly important and special time for mothers, fathers and infants.

We believe that every woman and baby has the right to experience a gentle, calm,
comfortable and joyful birth. We also believe that every father has the right to know
exactly what happens at every stage of pregnancy and birth, and what he can do to
support his partner and baby in this process.

From our HypnoBirthing® -The Mongan Method experience we know that calm, gentle birth and being cared for by calm confident parents or caregivers, will ensure happy relaxed babies who eat well and sleep well.

At NaturalStart we offer you the tools to accomplish this wonderful start to life which is so important for the development of your baby. You and your partner will learn how to have the beautiful, calm and gentle birthing experience you desire for both mother and baby, free from fear and fully empowered. In fact you will find yourself becoming more and more excited about your approaching birthing day.

After birth you will be able to continue the calm and gentle care for your baby, by
                                       learning the techniques of Shantala
Baby Massage.  This class teaches you not only                                        how to massage your baby, which encourages your infant to relax and feel safe, but also how to develop a good sleep/awake pattern.  Infant massage is an especially wonderful way for parent and baby to deepen their bonding experience. Read about all the benefits on the Shantala Baby Massage page.

HypnoBirthing® classes are prenatal and given in a private or semi-private
classes can be followed prenatal and/or postnatal, also in a private
or semi-private environment.

HypnoBirthing® and Shantala classes are independent and one can be taken
without the other.

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Have a wonderful baby time!

Mieke and Elaine


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