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The ‘All-Inclusive’ course to achieve a ‘Gentle Birth - Content Baby - Happy Family’!

In this 8-session course I put all my passion about birthing and caring for a newborn baby. After taking this course you will feel confident about the upcoming birth and caring for your baby.

In addition to the full HypnoBirthing® method and complete Shantala massage, you will learn the following:

 Baby’s development and how to stimulate

 How to achieve a good sleep pattern for your baby (and you!)

 A safe method of swaddling, why and when (not)

 Basic baby care

 Numerous tips and hints

Today, when you walk into a baby store, you’ll find a tremendous assortment of baby toys and gear. This can be very intimidating when you try to make the best decisions for your baby.  By knowing how babies develop you will be able to decide what your baby does and  does not need for a healthy and safe stimulating environment.

Part of growing healthy babies and happy families is maintaining a good pattern for babies eats and sleeps. You will recognize why this is of great value for the whole family and learn how to achieve this.

Swaddling can be a great aid to achieving a sleep pattern and even feeding when it is done well.

Other topics we will cover include things like safe and comfortable bathing, how to make baby’s crib etc. Our parents are often right but their methods from many years ago may not always be the best or safest way anymore.


This course will be given by Mieke, either in the clinic of the Pacific Midwifery at Leg-in-Boot Square in False Creek, or at her studio in Squamish.
It is semi-private with a
maximum of 3 couples to ensure personal attention and the possibility of meeting other great people in the same chapter of life!

For more information contact Mieke.

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